My name is Lashaun Forbes (A.K.A Shaunie). I currently live in South Florida, but I am originally from the beautiful island of Jamaica. Making the transition at the age of 8 was difficult. Two words…culture shock. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I was made fun of by my peers and from then on, I sought after doing whatever it took to please people. This became a terrible habit that was not broken until around my mid 20s.

My passion was unfolding. I began to realize that everything I had experienced was all a set up. I found that many women were drawn to me and they would seek my help…benefiting from the wisdom I’ve been blessed with. My heart is for the young and the old (or “seasoned”), but I believe the youngsters definitely need more help and guidance. I absolutely love helping women. Helping them to live a fulfilling life…a life they’ve always dreamed of, no matter what they’ve experienced in the past.

I received my coaching certifications from the Universal Coach Institute, completing  my studies in Life Coach, Solution-Focused Coach, & Transformational Coach, with honors.


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  4. Hi, I am looking for help with my daughter’s hair. She is 4, and I never plan on using a relaxed for her. It will be her choice when she is older, but right now I am washing her hair 2x-3x a week and the products I use are As I am shampoo, Cantu leave in conditioner and Blue magic hair grease. I use a moisturizer and water as needed when combing, when it is not braided. I can’t say it’s not working, but would love for tips on products that are good for kids. Love your page. Thanks in advance


    1. Hi Angie! Thank you!
      If the products you use work great on her hair, awesome. Keep using them. But there’s nothing wrong with wanting to see if there’s BETTER out there. One thing that really stand out to me is the fact that you’re washing your daughter’s hair 2-3 times every week. Applying shampoo that often to afro-textured hair can make it very dry. I would suggest cutting back to once a week. If you feel the need to wash her hair more than once a week, try As I Am Coconut Cowash. You can shampoo once a week and then use the cowash whenever else you feel like washing it that same week.

      Also…check out Shea moisture’s line for kids.

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