As I read through the first chapter of Exodus, I noticed a rather disturbing pattern. The Egyptians mentioned over and over again how powerful the Israelites were. This was mainly coming from Pharaoh. He was afraid of the Israelites and their rapid growth.
It’s funny how the Israelites didn’t see the same thing. Perhaps the same scenario plays out even in today. Your adversary is watching you closer than you think. He’s watching and he’s terrified of your growth.
The Israelites outnumbered the Egyptians and were still multiplying. I wonder how everything would’ve play out if Israel perhaps saw what Pharaoh did. I bet they wouldn’t have bowed down to being their slaves.
Imagine, being the slave to people you outnumber…people who are afraid of you.
This is crazy to me. Israel could’ve wiped out Egypt if they wanted, BUT…they still had this small-minded way of thinking.
You see, when you believe you’re inferior, the enemy will gladly come along and agree with you. Why? Because it’s then that he can enslave you and plant more seeds of inferiority in you.
I challenge you to look in the mirror (Your Bible) and discover what your adversary sees that you don’t. It could be the reason you’re still stuck…never advancing as you should.

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2 thoughts on “What You Don’t Know Is Hurting You”

  1. Great message. I laughed to myself while reading this because I said the same thing too. I also use to say why would the Israelites keep not believing God after they had seen such wonders performed right in front of them. What else did they need God to do for them to believe, hypnotize them. Lol. God doesn’t want our love if it is forced, he wants us to choose to love him and I do! God bless thanks for the post.

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